The Worst-Designed Thing You’ve Never Noticed

Roman Mars is obsessed with flags — and after you watch this talk, you might be, too. In this surprising and hilarious talk about vexillology — the study of flags — Mars reveals the five basic principles of flag design and shows why he believes they can be applied to just about anything. Worth your […]

Design for the bigger problem

Great stuff by my friend Thomas Byttebier: When designing user interfaces, the same rule of thumb applies: never start designing anything until you deeply understand the problem at hand. Go back to research, talk to real users. Be that 3-year old kid again that answers every answer with another ‘why?’ until all conversations ultimately end […]

Design is the Experience won the Design Museum Design award of 2013. It’s certainly not the prettiest website. Some people even call it So why was it awarded? Because it disrupted the way government communicates with it’s citizens. Because it’s user centred, user focused. Because it has one of the best copy’s ever written. Because it’s extremely […]