Stress test your design with forceFeed.js

Fun script by Heydon Pickering, whom you might know from the lobotmized owl selector, and quantity queries with CSS.

Static mockups are liars. They only show the designer’s content.

The forceFeed.js script is designed to help you test your design’s tolerance for variable, dynamic content. A tiny script that “force feeds” HTML elements with random text content within specified parameters. Set up, keep refreshing your browser until something breaks, then fix the design.

Define the kind of text you want to appear using data-forcefeed attributes, and keep on hitting refresh until your design breaks.

<div class="person">
  <h3 class="name" data-forcefeed="words|2"></h3>
  <p class="description" data-forcefeed="sentences|3|6">This will be overridden</p>

forceFeed.js →

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