The bold beauty of content prototypes

Thomas Byttebier, after having joined a digital team at Base a while ago:

It’s been a crazy six months. And in all honesty: I struggled. I struggled with process. I struggled with communication. I struggled with clients. Front end was too far from design and content only arrived when a project was nearly live.

As a result, I shipped products lacking vision, and on top of that, I shipped too late.

The culprit: the lack of real data during the design process. So he decided to introduce a few changes in the design process. Content First being one of them, of course.

The bold beauty of content prototypes →

The Messy Art Of UX Sketching

Although starting a prototype on a computer is sometimes easier, it’s not the best way to visually problem-solve. When you need to ideate website layouts or mobile applications or to storyboard workflows and context scenarios, sketching is much more efficient. It keeps you from getting caught up in the technology, and instead focuses you on the best possible solution, freeing you to take risks that you might not otherwise take.

The Messy Art Of UX Sketching →

Backdropping jQuery functions into PrototypeJS

One of the functions I use quite regularly when working with jQuery is .attr(). Right now – at work – I’m fiddling around in Prototype, and noticed I kept on writing .attr() which – quite evidently – doesn’t exist. Okay, I can use Prototype’s .readAttribute() and .writeAttribute() but that’s quite a hassle: I want one function to set and get attributes, just as jQuery offers. Time to extend Prototype with some jQuery functionality 😉

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