Tinderin – Side by Side photos of LinkedIn & Tinder profile pictures of the same person.

Tinderin, by Dries Depoorter:

Side by Side profile pictures of LinkedIn & Tinder of the same person. Series of 10 photo frames.

Quite sure those are the “clean ones” …

🔥 Be sure to check out Dries his other work too. Installations such as Quickfix, a vending machine that sells followers and likes, are really nice.


Today, 6.5million LinkedIn password hashes leaked. These hashes are unsalted SHA-1 hashes and can be found online. If you happen to have the file lingering around, use grep "yourhash" combo_not.txt to check your hash is in it. Also check with the hash in which you replaced the first 5 characters by 00000.

If you’re not savvy enough, or don’t have the list, you can use LeakedIn

My old LinkedIn password was in the list (I changed it about a month ago). Best is to change it now, and change it again after LinkedIn has fixed the hole. Also, it’s — again — yet another reason to use different passwords for each site on the internet.

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Intercepting LinkedIn Passwords

At the Microsoft TechDays 2012 in Belgium, white hat Paula Januszkiewicz shows how the tool Fiddler can be used to intercept the password of a LinkedIn user. The reason is because the password is not being encrypted by LinkedIn, although https is being used.

Not that wow imho, as it’s basically a man in the middle attack using a self-signed (thus forged) certificate (on which the browser will give you a notification). Quite sure lots of sites are “hackable” in this manner.