explains web development through illustration holds a collection of awesome illustrations on Web Development by Maggie Appleton:

Most of these explainers are about JavaScript fundamentals. Because those never go out of style. But I’ve also made a few on newer tools like React, Babel, and D3.

I make these because the front-end world is overflowing with confounding things to learn (and JavaScript in particular is 🔥❗🍌🌟☠ ridiculous sometimes).

Shown above is the opening illustration for a piece on the React Virtual DOM. I really like her style!

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This owl was drawn by Dorota Pankowska using 13 circles, like Twitter’s Bird Logo:

If you can make a bird out of circles, then you can probably make all sorts of animals. I wanted to add something more design-based to my portfolio, so I made that my personal challenge. The idea was to draw animals from exactly 13 circles, and I decided to match that number by making 13 animals.

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Illustrating Animals With 13 Circles: A Tutorial And Drawing Challenge →