Tailwind CSS: From Zero to Production

Not that I’m a fan of Tailwind, but this (free) video course by the Tailwind folks themselves is a very good starting point to those wanting to get started with it.

Today we’re excited to release Tailwind CSS: From Zero to Production, a new screencast series that teaches you everything you need to know to get up and running with Tailwind CSS v2.0 from scratch.

Embedded above is the introductory video.

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Writing Good Alt Text

Jake and Surma tackle the age-old problem: what should you include in an image’s alt text?

My first impressions of building a project with Snowpack

Jonathan Yeong tried out Snowpack and is equally excited as I am about it.

Sample Breakdown: Daft Punk – One More Time


If you’re into this kind of things, be sure to check the rest of the Sample Breakdown videos. Some nice gems in there!

Unconventional Autoloaders in PHP

Recording from the October 2020 edition of Laravel Worldwide Meetup where Liam Hammet (starting at 36:58​) showed off some nice use cases for custom autoloaders in PHP:

We use autoloaders in PHP all the time, but if you change your mindset a little, you’ll find they can do a lot more than you might’ve thought. We’ll be taking a look at using some unconventional techniques, we can use autoloaders to take PHP a step further, introducing interesting and exciting new functionality PHP natively doesn’t support.

Really enlightening stuff! Slides also available.

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The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

Bill details the engineering choices underlying the design of a beverage can he explains why it is cylindrical, outlines the manufacturing steps needed to created the can, notes why the can narrows near it lid, show close ups of the double-seam that hold the lid on, and details the complex operation of the tab that opens the can.

My inner geek rejoices to see how much engineering went into something we take for granted.

Remotion – Create videos programmatically in React

Remotion is a suite of libraries building a fundament for creating videos programmatically using React.

  • Leverage web technologies: Use all of CSS, Canvas, SVG, WebGL, etc.
  • Leverage programming: Use variables, functions, APIs, math and algorithms to create new effects
  • Leverage React: Reusable components, Powerful composition, Fast Refresh, Package ecosystem

Also comes with a handy player that allows you to scrub through the timeline. And yes, that demo video above is made with Remotion … #eatyourowndogfood

Here’s another example created with Remotion:

Neat! The code behind those videos is pretty dazzling though! 😵

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Creating A React App From Scratch Using Snowpack

Short intro video on how to use Snowpack to build a React Application:

Design Principles For The Web

The opening presentation from An Event Apart Online Together: Front-End Focus held online in August 2020

It’s a typical Jeremy Keith talk with many things mentioned, all converging to what he described before in his blog post Robustness and least power (and also covered in other talks). Definitely worth your time.

Hit the link for a full transcript, audio-only download, and the slides.

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Chrome 88 – What’s New in DevTools

I especially like the New CSS Angle Visualization Tool 🙂

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