Escaping the sRGB Prison

At the most recent CSS Day, Chris Lilley gave a talk titled “Escaping the sRGB Prison”.

Imagine that I told you that you are only allowed to use two-thirds of the colors that your screen can display. All the brightest and most vivid shades are not allowed. Unacceptable, right?! Welcome to Web design for the last seven years. You might not know it but compared to native apps, you are in the sRGB Prison. After attending this talk you will understand the measurable, reproducible sensation we call color. You will understand Lab and OKLab color spaces, be comfortable with gamut volume plots, and be able to laugh at snake-oil claims about color gamut coverage in advertising.

It’s a very insightful talk and should get you excited about the support for more Color Spaces and new color functions that are landing in browsers.

In addition to his talk, Chris also recently published “What are color gamuts” on his blog which is worth a read.

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