Scroll-Linked Animations with ScrollTimeline and ViewTimeline

🚨 UPDATE: The Scroll-Linked Animations Specification and its proposed syntax have undergone a major rewrite. The contents of this video are mostly correct, yet some minor things have changed.

Please refer to for an article and examples that use the latest version of the syntax.

In the latest episode of HTTP 203 I share my excitement with Jake about Scroll-Linked Animations with ScrollTimeline and ViewTimeline, a feature I’ve been tracking for almost two years now.

A lot has changed since I first wrote about it, as the specification has undergone a major rewrite. This episode should get you up to speed with everything:

Not covered in the episode – as it wasn’t ready back when it was recorded – is that Chrome 108 has experimental support for CSS scroll-timeline and view-timeline! It’s only a partial implementation at the time of writing, but nonetheless this is already very – VERY! – exciting news. The Firefox folks are also working on it.


The demo I’m still the most proud of, is this Cover Flow recreation using only HTML and CSS. I recently also gave a lightning talk about it at Full Stack Europe.


Here’s links to all demos (and more) shown in the episode, all hosted on CodePen:

I’ve also bundled all demos into two CodePen collections:


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