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Stencil: A Compiler for Web Components

Stencil is a compiler that generates Web Components (more specifically, Custom Elements). Stencil combines the best concepts of the most popular frameworks into a simple build-time tool. Stencil takes features such as Virtual DOM Async rendering (inspired by React Fiber) … Continue reading

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Fastlane Screencast: Integrate fastlane into your Ionic Framework build process

fastlane are an awesome bunch of tools. Josh Holtz has recently started Fastlane Screencast, a website with videos/tutorials for explaining and implementing built-in fastlane tools, fastlane actions, third-party fastlane plugins, continuous integration, and anything else that fastlane can possibly do. … Continue reading

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Cordova WKWebView Plugin

Great work by the Ionic folks: One of our awesome engineers has been working hard to bring WKWebView to Ionic apps and is working to bring the new plugin into Cordova! The new plugin will work with both Ionic V1 … Continue reading

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Deeplinking in Ionic Apps

Enter the Ionic Deeplinks Plugin: Deeplinking as a concept has evolved heavily over the last few years, with mobile devices going from supporting custom URL schemes (like instagram://) to now opening native apps in response to navigation to URLs (like … Continue reading

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Ionic Native

The successor to the aforementioned ngCordova: Ionic Native is a curated set of ES6/TypeScript wrappers for Cordova/PhoneGap plugins that make adding any native functionality you need to your Ionic, Cordova, or Web View mobile app easy. import {Geolocation} from 'ionic-native'; … Continue reading

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Gone Hybrid

A website that I’ve found to be very helpful whilst diving into creating Hybrid Apps (be it with or without Ionic) is Gone Hybrid, containing quite a few helpful articles to get you kickstarted on a few specific things such … Continue reading

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Hybrid Apps with Ionic Framework

At the most recent #fronteersbe meetup I gave a talk entitled “Hybrid Apps with Ionic Framework”. You can check out the slides embedded below. Slides with presenter notes (yet without animated gifs) – which might be a better option if … Continue reading

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Ionic Package

The Ionic Package service allows you to create development and production builds of your app that can be submitted to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or be installed directly on your friends’, family members’, and colleagues’ devices. … Continue reading

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ionic/cordova emulate vs. Xcode 7

After the App Store automatically updated Xcode to version 7 (without me actually wanting this for now, but hey …) running ionic emulate ios -c -l would not do much anymore: The app would launch but get stuck at the … Continue reading

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ion-drawer-vertical – A vertical slide out panel (toggle panel) for Ionic

For a current Ionic project I’m working on I needed a vertical slide out panel (toggle panel) to store in some content that may be hidden by the user. As I couldn’t immediately find such a component in Ionic itself … Continue reading

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