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Sublime HyperClick

Most of the time when you are navigating and reading a code-base, you need to jump between required/imported (whatever jargon your programming language uses) files. The “Go to Definition” functionality of Sublime falls short for most languages since jumping between … Continue reading

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Inverse trigonometric functions with Sass

See the Pen Pure CSS 3D animated icosidodecahedron (pentagonal gyrobirotunda) by Ana Tudor (@thebabydino) on CodePen. You might think that math doesn’t have a lot to do with writing stylesheets, but you can actually do some amazing things with a … Continue reading

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FireShell, fiercely quick front-end boilerplate and workflows

Solid kickstart for those starting with Grunt. The name could’ve been chosen a tad better though (it’s no shell, it’s a boilerplate). FireShell →

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CSS Jellyfish

CSS Jellyfish →

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Least: Convert Regular CSS to LESS/Sass

Least helps you move from your old-fashioned CSS files to something shiny: CSS pre-processors! Useful if you’re learning LESS/Sass to see how your existing CSS code could be converted to LESS/Sass. Least →

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Sass & Compass: The future of stylesheets now

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Getting Started with Sass

Great new article on A List Apart introducing on to Sass. While browsers aren’t ready for a new CSS, Catlin and Weizenbaum (the authors of SASS, ed.) realized they could go ahead and design a new style sheet syntax with … Continue reading

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CSS Object Model, Variables, Mixins, Nesting, and Modules

Some of the experimental features Tab Atkins — a guy who’s on the Chrome team and part of the CSSWG — is working on (aka how we will most likely write CSS in the near future)

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