code-server — Run VS Code on any machine anywhere and access it in the browser

code-server allows you to run on any machine, preferably on a Cloud Server, and access it from anywhere.

Yes, that means you can use VS Code on your iPad for example 😉

Once installed you’ll also need to set up authentication and the like. Alternatively you can run code-server --link and get a subdomain, protected by logging in using your GitHub account.

If you want to test it out locally, you can also install it locally using brew install, after which it’ll run on port 8080. Docker image also available.

code-server Setup Guide →

TeleOperation: Doosan 5G Remote Excavator

In cooperation with LG U+, Doosan have demonstrated “TeleOperation” – a technology to remotely control construction equipment. They demonstrated it by operating the DX380LC-5 (a 40-tonne excavator) over a distance of 8500km (!). The operator was located in Munich (Germany), the excavator itself in Incheon, South Korea.

Here’s a video of TeleOperation in action, at the Bauma fair:

Even though they claim that there was little to no lag thanks to the 5G technology used, I do see some lag in the video above. Knowing that 100ms delay is considered as laggy, there’s still a bit of work to do. However, I still find this very impressive nonetheless.

Doosan uses 5G for long-distance remote control of construction machine →

Also: Needs more 4D effects 🤢



1Keyboard is a virtual bluetooth keyboard application for OS X. Turn your Mac into a Bluetooth keyboard that works with all of your devices, comfortably type on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or game console.

Recommended for anyone with a multitude of iDevices. Works like a charm!

1Keyboard →

Note: Make sure your AppleTV is updated to the latest version (5.2.x) to get it to work there.

Chrome Experiment – Google “Roll It”

Roll It links your devices through Chrome: roll a ball from your phone to your laptop. Since the whole thing runs on Chrome, no apps, installs, or special configurations are needed – and any smartphone that runs Chrome can play.

Use your phone as a remote controller, thanks to websockets.

Roll It → – JavaScript Command Line Tool and Remote Debugger is a simple JavaScript command line tool. However, it also provides the ability to bridge across to other browser windows to remotely control and debug that window – be it in another browser or another device altogether.

Remote debugging is really simple:

  1. Invoke a :listen command at to get a listener id returned
  2. Include in the page you want to debug
  3. there is no step 3

Once included will catch all console.logs from the page. Above that it will execute any command entered at in the scope of the page that has remote.js included.

Here’s a little demo video: →