Automatically Fix Bluetooth Audio Balance Drift in macOS with “Balance Lock”

It’s been over 10 years that I’ve been using macOS (then OS X) and every now and then I notice that the audio balance of my Bluetooth headset is off for no apparent reason. Hmm, why is the balance for my headphone suddenly off? Back in 2014 I was lucky enough to see this tweet […]

react-native-ble-plx – React Native Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) library

This is React Native Bluetooth Low Energy library using RxBluetoothKit and RxAndroidBle under the hood. scanAndConnect() { this.manager = new BleManager(); // Wait for PoweredOn state this.manager.startDeviceScan(null, null, (error, device) => { if (error) { return; } // Check if it is a device you are looking for based on advertisement data // or other […]

Fly and Control a Drone Using JavaScript

Whilst the video is only a sneak peek of a Code School tutorial, you can puzzle the pieces together yourself. The key part is the rolling-spider Node package which uses Bluetooth to communicate with the drone. var RollingSpider = require(‘rolling-spider’); var temporal = require(‘temporal’); var rollingSpider = new RollingSpider({ uuid: ‘Mambo_434915’ }); rollingSpider.connect(function() { rollingSpider.setup(function() […]

Web Bluetooth API in Chrome

navigator.bluetooth.requestDevice({ filters: [{ services: [‘battery_service’] }] }) .then(device => { // Human-readable name of the device. console.log(; // Indicates whether or not the device is paired with the system. console.log(device.paired); // Filtered UUIDs of GATT services the website origin has access to. console.log(device.uuids); // Attempts to connect to remote GATT Server. return device.connectGATT(); }) .then(server […]