TeleOperation: Doosan 5G Remote Excavator

In cooperation with LG U+, Doosan have demonstrated “TeleOperation” – a technology to remotely control construction equipment. They demonstrated it by operating the DX380LC-5 (a 40-tonne excavator) over a distance of 8500km (!). The operator was located in Munich (Germany), the excavator itself in Incheon, South Korea.

Here’s a video of TeleOperation in action, at the Bauma fair:

Even though they claim that there was little to no lag thanks to the 5G technology used, I do see some lag in the video above. Knowing that 100ms delay is considered as laggy, there’s still a bit of work to do. However, I still find this very impressive nonetheless.

Doosan uses 5G for long-distance remote control of construction machine →

Also: Needs more 4D effects 🤢