Update React Native apps in production with AppHub Deploy

Use git push to instantly update React Native apps in production. Your JS Bundle gets store on the AppHub servers. Upon launch AppHub’s iOS library detects updates and swaps in new code and images. [AppHub setApplicationId:@"APPLICATION_ID"]; NSBundle *bundle = [AppHub buildManager].currentBuild.bundle; NSURL *jsCodeLocation = [bundle URLForResource:@"main" withExtension:@"jsbundle"]; AppHub Deploy →

Using react-devtools with React Native

The “React Developer Tools” is a very handy browser extension which lets inspect and manipulate the React component hierarchy along with their props and state. There’s also a standalone version, to be used with React Native. To use it, install it as a project dependency: npm install –save-dev react-devtools And then adjust the scripts section […]