Haiku – Lottie Without After Effects

Remember Lottie? It’s a library that can play back animations in React (Native) using a JSON file. One would define the animation in After Effects, and then export it to a JSON file for Lottie to use.

But what if you don’t have After Effects? And is AE really the tool to do this job? Enter Haiku, an app that works with Sketch files to start building your animation with:

We designed Haiku from the ground up for animating UI components. Like Sketch, it is a simple tool with a specific purpose, and like AE, it is compatible with Lottie.

And if the Haiku UI reminds you of Macromedia Flash … yeah, totally 🙂

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Craft Prototyping

If you’re using Sketch to design and InVision for prototyping (something we do at Small Town Heroes), then this plugin is solid gold, as it combines both:

With Craft Prototype, you’ll experience an unparalleled level of continuity between Sketch and InVision. By bringing your design and prototyping process together, work faster, collaborate more seamlessly, and stay focused to create more amazing products with your team.

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Render React Components directly to Sketch with React Sketch.app

AirBnB Design:

Today, we’re excited to share a tool we built to help bridge the gap between designers and engineers working on design systems at scale. React-sketchapp is an open-source library that allows you to write React components that render to Sketch documents.

With it, it’s also possible to bring real data into the designs. Querying the Foursquare API for locations for example? Possible.

Painting with Code: Introducing React Sketch.app

The Messy Art Of UX Sketching

Although starting a prototype on a computer is sometimes easier, it’s not the best way to visually problem-solve. When you need to ideate website layouts or mobile applications or to storyboard workflows and context scenarios, sketching is much more efficient. It keeps you from getting caught up in the technology, and instead focuses you on the best possible solution, freeing you to take risks that you might not otherwise take.

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