react-native-background-fetch – Periodic background tasks for React Native Apps

Background Fetch is a very simple plugin which will awaken an app in the background about every 15 minutes, providing a short period of background running-time. This plugin will execute your provided callbackFn whenever a background-fetch event occurs. import BackgroundFetch from "react-native-background-fetch"; export default class App extends Component { componentDidMount() { // Configure it. BackgroundFetch.configure({ […]

Scheduling Deploys with GitHub Actions

Leveraging GitHub Workflows’ Scheduled Events (read: cronjobs that run on GitHub) the folks at De Voorhoede let their static site automatically be rebuilt overnight. They do this because they have some external content, which doesn’t get committed into the repo, included on their site. Static websites don’t update by themselves. In case of code changes […]

Using ConsoleServiceProvider with Silex

use Knp\Provider\ConsoleServiceProvider; $app->register(new ConsoleServiceProvider(), array( ‘’ => ‘ConsoleApp’, ‘console.version’ => ‘1.0.0’, ‘console.project_directory’ => __DIR__ . ‘/..’ )); Good writeup and code by Ken, a former student of mine. Using ConsoleServiceProvider with Silex → Want to start developing with Silex? Then check out my freely available course materials on the subject.