ES6 ES2015: Easily remove duplicates from an Array

Say you have a JavaScript Array containing duplicate values. By creating a Set – which only stores unique values (primitive values or object references) – and then spreading that Set into a new Array you can easily dedupe the given Array:

// Array with duplicates
const arr = [7, 3, 1, 3, 3, 7];

// Dedupe using a Set, which is then spread into a new Array
const deduped = [ Set(arr)];

// -> [ 7, 3, 1 ]

I really dig the spread operator. There’s some more interesting stuff you can do with it.

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Sizing (Web) components by adding a Trojan horse into your CSS


So when it comes to changing the size of a component [of a framework], for example making a Slider bigger for touch input, it might get tedious fiddling with all the widths/heights, border-radi.. etc. So how can we make it easier? Well, by sneaking a Trojan horse into your components and use it to control all the size related CSS properties.

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