Like JockeyJS, written in Swift, and with support for WKWebView: A bridge for WebView(UIWebView, WKWebView), using JavaScriptCore, handles communications between native(Swift) and js. Example usage (call native function from JS): // XCode override func viewDidLoad() { // … let webView = WKWebView() let bridge = ZHWebViewBridge.bridge(webview) bridge.registerHandler(“Video.Play”) { (args:[AnyObject]) -> (Bool, [AnyObject]?) in self.player.play() return […]

A faster, more stable Chrome on iOS

The Chromium Blog: In Chrome 48 we’ve made the switch from UIWebView to WKWebView, leading to dramatic improvements in stability, speed, responsiveness, and web compatibility. The improvements are indeed remarkable and – from a user’s point of view – very noticeable. Additionally it’s also more stable: With WKWebView’s out-of-process rendering, when the web view crashes […]