Gowalla 4

Gowalla 4.0 has landed today. I like it. It evolves around travel guides and — to me more interesting — instead of saying “I am here”, you’re now saying “I’m here, with my friends X, Y and Z” via the app, which allows one to tell stories as Gowalla likes to call them.

The latter raises some confusion though: I’m tagging people — that I know via Facebook — that don’t have a Gowalla account, yet they do appear as having one (such as: my son). Some users might also see a security issue by one tagging someone else … or does Gowalla take the Facebook setting “Friends can check me into places” into account? And is there a setting in Gowalla itself to prevent others from tagging you (can’t check right now, I’m getting blank pages when being logged in on the site)?

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