Why mobile web apps are slow

It may prove to be a very stupid idea, but this article is my attempt to talk reasonably about a topic that has so far spawned 100% unreasonable flamewar-filled bikeshed discussions. A lengthy, yet highly informative, and very in-depth article on why exactly JS-heavy web apps run slow on mobiles. Goes into depth on garbage […]

“We’ve been conditioned for web apps to suck.”

There is no single explanation [for why people choose a native app over a web based version]. The reason browser apps lose this fight is because of a raft of small things. It’s death by a thousand cuts. Tiny Little Knives → (via cameronmoll) Related: It’s not a web app. It’s an app you install […]

It’s not a web app. It’s an app you install from the web.

The people over at forecast.io on how often they receive mails from people looking for their app in the App Store where it is not to be found:/p> You don’t get Forecast from the App Store: just go to http://forecast.io/ on your phone, and you’ll be given instructions on how to download it. It’s 2013, […]