Transform HTML Content to Apple News / Google AMP / Facebook Instant Articles with Distro

Automatically transform article HTML for third-party platforms such as Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, Google AMP “Just” make a curl request … curl –data " <h1>Distro.Mic example</h1> <p>Text and media embed</p> <iframe src=\"\"></iframe> " … and the content is “translated” to the specified format: { "article": [{ "text": "Distro.Mic example", "additions": [], "inlineTextStyles": [], […]

Getting the share count of a URL

At work I’m working on a project in which we need to track the share count of a URL. Below are my quick notes. In all examples I’m getting the share count of Note that I’m using the jq notation to extract the actual result from the response. Just GET it Facebook Request: curl […]


Noah, a short film that debuted at the Toronto International FIlm Festival, illustrates the flitting attention span and lack of true connection in digital culture more clearly than anything else in recent memory. (Chatroulette appearing in the short, so #NSFW) You Need To See This 17-Minute Film Set Entirely On A Teen’s Computer Screen → […]

Facebook Is a Fundamentally Broken Product That Is Collapsing Under Its Own Weight

Every time someone visits News Feed there are on average 1,500 potential stories from friends, people they follow and Pages for them to see, and most people don’t have enough time to see them all. These stories include everything from wedding photos posted by a best friend, to an acquaintance checking in to a restaurant. […]

Facebook Demetricator

The Facebook interface is filled with numbers. These numbers, or metrics, measure and present our social value and activity, enumerating friends, likes, comments, and more. Facebook Demetricator is a web browser addon that hides these metrics. No longer is the focus on how many friends you have or on how much they like your status, […]