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😎 Emoji Compositions

In succession to Split emoji text effect with CSS (which has received an update by now BTW), PixelAmbacht has created a nice Emoji composition using the U+1F60E Smiling Face With Sunglasses emoji (😎) as the key modifier. Note: For some … Continue reading

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runes – Unicode-aware JS string splitting with full Emoji support

At Small Town Heroes I’m currently working on a newsreader app built using React Native. On Android (even 7.1.1) we noticed this weird issue where some emojis would render incorrectly when we were applying styling on it using index-based ranges: … Continue reading

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Split emoji text effect with CSS

Thanks to some absolute positioning, hue-rotation, and even some clipping you can create nice split emoji: I especially like the experiments near the lower part of the demo, where one emoji is used as a modifier for the other (e.g. … Continue reading

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Text-wrapping, hyphenation, emojis and what not

Earlier today I ran some tests to see how text-wrapping/hyphenation of long uninterrupted strings works in browsers. I tested both “normal” strings and strings of emojis. The tests (and its rendering results per browser) are stored on Codepen and embedded … Continue reading

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Emoji Silhouettes and Emoji Outlines with CSS

From StackOverflow: It’s possible to include Emoji characters in modern browsers, but how can one make it a single color and choose that color? Using an (inset) text-shadow in combination with transparent text color this indeed is possible: With some … Continue reading

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Fun with JavaScript and Emoji

Today Wes Bos tweeted a few fun things one can do with JavaScript and Emoji: It’s possible to spread emoji units (or how are they called?) into their single parts: […’👨‍👩‍👧‍👦’] // [“👨”, “‍”, “👩”, “‍”, “👧”, “‍”, “👦”] Combining … Continue reading

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Find relevant emoji from text on the command-line with emoj

Geekfun: emoj is written in Node and uses the Dango API, which helps you quickly find emoji by understanding what you type using deep learning. Installation via npm (requires Node >= 4): npm install –global emoj emoj Source (GitHub) → … Continue reading

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The Colbert Emoji

Skip forward to 1:30: * raises eyebrow * UPDATE 07/04/2016: Anecdotally the emoji was adjusted over time so that it raises the same eyebrow as Colbert uses.

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Emoji in Chrome on Mac / OS X

Over the weekend an important set of commits (this one amongst others) landed in Chromium, enabling Emoji in Chrome on OS X, and – after 4 years – marking the bug “Emoji does not display in webpage contents on OS … Continue reading

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twemoji.parse(‘I \u2764\uFE0F emoji!’); // will produce /* I <img class="emoji" draggable="false" alt="❤️" src="https://twemoji.maxcdn.com/36×36/2764.png"> emoji! */ Nugget of JavaScript to replace astral symbols (emoji) with images in browsers that don’t support them. Yes, looking at you Chrome on OS X. Images … Continue reading

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