MH17 Crash Reconstruction

Video about the Dutch Safety Board’s investigation into the causes of the crash of flight MH17 on 17 July 2014 in the eastern part of Ukraine and the Board’s investigation into flying over conflict zones.

Quite neat to see that the fuselage was reconstructed with the shards an pieces found. Do note that this analysis points out the cause of the crash, not the one responsible for the crash.

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Overnight Success

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A cartoon guide to Flux


Flux is both one of the most popular and one of the least understood topics in current web development. This guide is an attempt to explain it in a way everyone can understand.

A cartoon guide to Flux →

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The Jefferson Grid


The aforementioned Sad Topographies reminded me of The Jefferson Grid, an Instagram account curating a list of areal photos depicting a grid with cells the size of one square mile each, spread throughout the United States.

Looking from the window seat on a long plane flight, you might have noticed that large swaths of the United States are divided into a latticework of farms, towns and forests. The cells of that grid, each one mile to a side, are the visible result of a land planning system first proposed by Thomas Jefferson more than two centuries ago.


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What is The Jefferson Grid? →

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Sad Topographies

Sad Topographies is an Instagram account curating a list of places with sad names:


Somewhere to go, when you’re feeling low.



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Augmented Reality Coloring Book

In this paper, we present an augmented reality coloring book App in which children color characters in a printed coloring book and inspect their work using a mobile device. The drawing is detected and tracked, and the video stream is augmented with an animated 3-D version of the character that is textured according to the child’s coloring.

My kids would love this.

Disney Research: Live Texturing of Augmented Reality Characters from Colored Drawings →

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Hail, Caesar!

Looking forward to this one.

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Moebio Framework

Moebio Framework is a JavaScript toolkit for performing data analysis and creating visualizations.

By the folks over at Bocoup.

Moebio Framework →

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<!-- Target -->
<input id="foo" value="">

<!-- Trigger -->
<button class="btn" data-clipboard-target="#foo">
    <img src="assets/clippy.svg" alt="Copy to clipboard">

Copying text to the clipboard shouldn’t be hard. It shouldn’t require dozens of steps to configure or hundreds of KBs to load. But most of all, it shouldn’t depend on Flash or any bloated framework. That’s why clipboard.js exists.

Great to see that this is possible without Flash, but must admit that I’m not too fond of the API and how to use it. For example the name data-clipboard-target is wrong, as it’s the source, not the target. On a sidenote I’m looking forward to the Clipboard API and events spec 😉

Clipboard.js →
Clipboard.js Source (GitHub) →

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iOS9 MobileSafari Viewport Problem


The viewport is set incorrectly when the viewport meta tag is specified with initial-scale=1 or width=device-width, and the page contains an element (e.g. div tag) that is wider than the desired viewport’s boundary.

In the screenshot above (courtesy @RWD) you can see that the off-screen menu actually appears on-screen in iOS9. Apple changed how iOS9 responds to width=device-width as it, according to them, got abused too much.

To fix this, append shrink-to-fit=no to your viewport meta tag, as such:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1,shrink-to-fit=no">
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