CSS Wrapped 2023

2023 was a huge year for CSS! To celebrate this, Una, Adam, and I put together an end-of-year roundup in which we cover 27 (!) CSS and Web UI features that landed in browsers this year.

Architectural foundations
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Complex nth-* selection
  • Scope
  • Nesting
  • Initial-letter
  • Text-wrap balance/pretty
  • Color level 4
  • Color-mix function
  • Relative color syntax
Responsive design
  • Container queries
  • Style queries
  • :has selector
  • Update media query
  • Scripting media query
  • Transparency media query
  • View transitions
  • Linear-easing function
  • Scrollend
  • Scroll-driven animations
  • Deferred timeline attachment
  • Discrete property transitions
  • Starting-style rdle
  • Overlay animation
  • Popover
  • Hr in select
  • User-valid/invalid pseudo classes
  • Exclusive accordion

It’s been awesome putting this together over the past weeks … I love my team! 🤩

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