Poté — Open Up

Combine a SBTRKT-like voice with beats like The Blaze make ‘m, put ‘m under Bonobo’s wings, and you get Poté.

Debut album “A Tenuous Tale of Her” out today!

Headless UI — Completely Unstyled, Fully Accessible UI Components

Headless UI provides a nice set of bare bones React/Vue components — Menu (Dropdown), Listbox (Select), Switch (Toggle), Dialog (Modal), etc. — for us to use in our UIs.

Completely unstyled, fully accessible UI components, designed to integrate beautifully with Tailwind CSS.

In case you’re no fan of Tailwind, don’t let the “with Tailwind CSS” part in that slogan put you off, as these components are bare bones: you can style them anyhow you want.

In the video below Robin Malfait from Tailwind Labs himself walks us through it all (starting at 40:50):

Ace talk, Robin! Insightful, good build-up, and very smooth!

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The new responsive: Web design in a component-driven world

In this session from Google I/O 2021, Una Kravets talks about “the new responsive”, short for being responsive to the user, container, and form-factor (text-version available via link below):

The web community is entering into a new era of responsive design and shifting our perspectives on what it means. With user preference queries, container queries, and other form-factor queries on the horizon, we’ll soon have the tools to create responsive designs far beyond what querying the global viewport allows.

To me, this post is the perfect successor to A List Apart’s A Dao of Web Design and Responsive Web Design. The timing is only off by one year …

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Reset React Native Cache (Watchman Cache, Bundler Cache, Build Artifacts, etc) with react-native-clean-project

I used to drag a little shell script around between each React Native project that cleaned out various cache directories (Watchman Cache, Bundler Cache, Build Artifacts, Yarn Cache, etc.) for me. A better alternative is the react-native-clean-project you can use.

Cleans your React Native project by purging caches and modules, and reinstalling them again.

Installation per NPM/Yarn:

yarn add -D react-native-clean-project

Once installed it’s recommended to add these script to your package.json

  "scripts": {
    "clean": "react-native clean-project",
    "clean:auto": "react-native clean-project-auto"

Now simply run yarn clean whenever you need to.