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HTML 5.2: The <dialog> Element

HTML 5.2 has introduced a new <dialog> element to show modal dialog boxes. Here’s a small demo by @bdc (forked version by me, including polyfill): Already available in Chrome; a polyfill is available for other/older browsers. Meet the New Dialog … Continue reading

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“Understand the Content”

Steve Jobs on Process and Content: Hear hear! (via @SvenMunaron)

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A Tinder Progressive Web App Performance Case Study

Addy Osmani: Tinder recently swiped right on the web. Their new responsive Progressive Web App — Tinder Online — is available to 100% of users on desktop and mobile, employing techniques for JavaScript performance optimization, Service Workers for network resilience and Push Notifications for … Continue reading

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Building Flexible Design Systems

Yesenia Perez-Cruz is a design director at Vox Media (who you might know from their brands The Verge, Polygon, etc.). In “Building Flexible Design Systems” she does a deep dive on creating flexible design systems: Slides are also available:

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ProvisionQL – Finder Quick Look plugin for .ipa and .mobileprovision files

One of the Finder Quick Look plugins I have installed is ProvisionQL. It allows one to have a quick preview of .ipa and .mobileprovision files. Installation possible via Brew-Caskroom: brew cask install provisionql ProvisionQL → Related: macOS Quick Look plugins … Continue reading

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Fontastic Web Performance

Emojineer Monica Dinculescu: Web fonts are awesome. They make your sans-serifs slabby, your headers special and your website look gorgeous. But fonts are a resource, and downloading resources always comes as a cost — if you don’t load web fonts … Continue reading

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Axel — Command Line Download Accelerator

Via @benschwarz: Axel tries to accelerate the downloading process by using multiple connections for one file, similar to DownThemAll and other famous programs. It can also use multiple mirrors for one download. Axel → Getting sudden flashbacks to this old … Continue reading

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JavaScript Object and Array Explorers

If you’re starting out with object and array manipulations in JavaScript these handy tools by Sarah Drasner might come in handy. The reason they work so well is that it’s one page, and it’s driven by natural language. JavaScript Object … Continue reading

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React Food Truck – A curated set of Visual Studio Code extensions for React Developers

Burke Holland: I spent a lot of time combing the depths of the VS Code Extension Marketplace to find the tastiest and most delicious extensions that are guaranteed to make your life as a React developer 129% more enjoyable. All … Continue reading

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