Dropbox acquires Mailbox


Mailbox has been around for about a month now and it’s already been acquired by … Dropbox! Quite surprising I must say.

After spending time with Gentry, Scott, and the team, it became clear that their calling was the same as ours at Dropbox—to solve life’s hidden problems and reimagine the things we do every day. We all quickly realized that together we could save millions of people a lot of pain.

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Dropbox Dropquest II

Many of you were around for last year’s Dropquest, where we sent y’all on a magical journey through Dropbox and the interwebs. Wordokus were solved, music puzzles were deciphered, origami cranes were folded, and dragons were slain. All in all, nearly half a million Dropquesters were rewarded for their craftiness, skill, and effort. That was well over a year ago, and since then we’ve been holding our cards and toiling away to craft a Dropquest successor worthy of the first.

That being said, we’ve got something to say about the Dropquest landing next weekend:

It’s back.
It’s harder.
It’s epic-er.

Mark your calendars: May 12th.

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Using Dropbox as an automatic and free Web Publishing solution

In addition to having moved my mail to Google Apps for your Domain I decided to take it to the next level about a month ago by using Dropbox for storing both personal as professional (viz. 3RDS-related) data in the cloud. This decision made me more mobile than ever, as I can access any file, any time, any place; This as well from my PC as from my Mac as from any other Computer that’s connected to the internet. Over the weekend I raised the bar again and started experimenting with Dropbox resulting in a method by which one can (ab?)use that very same Dropbox as an automagic Web Publishing Solution (as an alternative to SVN and other technologies).

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