Chrome Experiment – Google “Roll It”

Roll It links your devices through Chrome: roll a ball from your phone to your laptop. Since the whole thing runs on Chrome, no apps, installs, or special configurations are needed – and any smartphone that runs Chrome can play.

Use your phone as a remote controller, thanks to websockets.

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Google Maps “Map Dive” Demo

Very cool demo shown at Google I/O:

Basically it’s just Chrome showing Google Maps (rotated via CSS3) and WebGL (via three.js). Input is not done via a Kinect, but by means of a ASUS Xtion 3D (just like the Kinect ;))

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We’re about to bring cities to life using big data and the power of the web.

Inspired by the data visualization from the latest SimCity, ViziCities is located at the intersection of data, art and play. Powered by Three.js and lots of other web technologies.

Be sure to read the dev diary, it contains a ton of screengrabs and videos.

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Related: here’s a talk about the project from Front-Trends 2013:
Using big data and WebGL to bring real-world cities to life →

Loop Waveform Visualizer

The Loop Waveform Visualizer uses a combination of level and waveform data to produce a circular audio visualization of any MP3. Use the mouse to tilt and the mousewheel to zoom.

Now this thing is really amazing. Couldn’t even imagine this being so responsive. Very, very neat. Canary Chrome required.

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