Open your React Native’s Xcode project file from the CLI with xed

For a long time I always used the open command to open the Xcode project file contained inside React Native Projects. bramus in ~/repos/projects/react-native/example $ open ios/Example.xcodeproj It wasn’t until I recently started a new React Native project that react-native init afterwards informed me to use xed instead. The xed tool launches the Xcode application […]

Share terminal sessions as animated SVG with svg-term-cli

svg-term-cli is a tool that render asciicast (terminal recordings) to animated SVG. Pass the asciicast id into svg-term in order to convert it: svg-term –cast=113643 –out examples/parrot.svg –frame This asciicast for example: Using the command above, it will render to this SVG: svg-term-cli – Share terminal sessions as razor-sharp animated SVG everywhere →

ANSI Control Functions and ANSI Control Sequences (Colors, Erasing, etc.) for PHP CLI Apps

As a side project for Monolog Colored Line Formatter (which int itself also is a side project for Mixed Content Scan) I just published is ANSI PHP. bramus/ansi-php is a set of classes to working with ANSI Control Functions and ANSI Control Sequences (ANSI Escape Sequences) on text based terminals. ANSI Control Functions control an […]

Removing OS X “Open With” Duplicates

Most of the time Finder will show you multiple entries for each application when right clicking a file and choosing Open With. Getting rid of Open With duplicates gives us an alias to remove those duplicates. Below is not only the alias, but a one-line command to add the alias to your ~/.bash_profile. Just copy […]