Execute commands over SSH from PHP with spatie/ssh

A new PHP package released by the fine folks at Spatie is spatie/ssh. Leveraging Symfony\Component\Process\Process it allows you to execute commands over SSH from within your PHP code. spatie/ssh is probably the easiest way to perform a quick SSH command. It doesn’t have a lot of features, but that’s ok. It’s intended as something very […]

Why aren’t we using SSH for everything?

ssh http://t.co/E7Ilc0B0BC pic.twitter.com/CqYBR1WYO4 — Andrey Petrov (@shazow) December 13, 2014 If we can write a chatroom on top of SSH, why don’t we use it for more things? Interesting read packed with dozens of facts about the SSH protocol and why we should use it for more things. Why aren’t we using SSH for everything? […]