Share terminal sessions as animated SVG with svg-term-cli

svg-term-cli is a tool that render asciicast (terminal recordings) to animated SVG. Pass the asciicast id into svg-term in order to convert it:

svg-term --cast=113643 --out examples/parrot.svg --frame

This asciicast for example:

Using the command above, it will render to this SVG:

svg-term-cli – Share terminal sessions as razor-sharp animated SVG everywhere →

MapSCII – ASCII Map Renderer for the Console

Color me impressed:

MapSCII is a Braille & ASCII map renderer for your console.

There’s a live version accessible via telnet on

$ telnet

Panning and zooming using the mouse is supported.

At the base is a vector tileset (from OpenMapTiles), with a Node app on top (written in CoffeeScript) sporting an ASCII renderer. The source of it all is available on GitHub.

MapSCII (GitHub) →