ANSI Control Functions and ANSI Control Sequences (Colors, Erasing, etc.) for PHP CLI Apps

As a side project for Monolog Colored Line Formatter (which int itself also is a side project for Mixed Content Scan) I just published is ANSI PHP.

bramus/ansi-php is a set of classes to working with ANSI Control Functions and ANSI Control Sequences (ANSI Escape Sequences) on text based terminals.

  • ANSI Control Functions control an action such as line spacing, paging, or data flow.
  • ANSI Control Sequences allow one to clear the screen, move the cursor, set text colors, etc.

When it comes to ANSI Escape Sequences bramus/ansi-php supports SGR (Select Graphic Rendition) and ED (Erase Display)

  • SGR affords one to manipulate text styling (bold, underline, blink, colors, etc.).
  • ED allows one to erase the display.

Other Control Sequences – such as moving the cursor – are not (yet) supported.

It differs from other “PHP ANSI Color” attempts by not being limited to SGR only – it can easily be extended to support other ANSI Escape Sequences – and by supporting all SGR parameters.

The library ships with an Ansi helper class to easily use it.

use \Bramus\Ansi\Ansi;
use \Bramus\Ansi\ControlSequences\EscapeSequences\Enums\SGR;

// Create Ansi Instance
$a = new Ansi();

// Output some styled text on screen, along with a Line Feed and a Bell
echo $a->color(array(SGR::COLOR_FG_RED, SGR::COLOR_BG_WHITE))
       ->text('My text will be white on a red background and I will be blinking.')
       ->text('I will be normally styled. Oh, a bell is coming up ...')

Installation is possible via Composer:

composer require bramus/ansi-php ~2.0

ANSI PHP — ANSI Control Functions and ANSI Control Sequences (Colors, Erasing, etc.) for PHP CLI Apps →

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