Scroll-Linked Animations with CSS Scroll-Timeline (CSS Conf Colombia)

🚨 UPDATE: The Scroll-Linked Animations Specification and its proposed syntax have undergone a major rewrite. This post details an older version of the syntax and has not been updated to reflect these changes.

Do note that the concept of a Scroll-Linked Animation still stands, it’s only the syntax that has changed since writing this. Please refer to for an article with examples that use the updated syntax.

I just finished giving a lightning talk at the wonderful CSS Conf Colombia covering Scroll-Linked Animations with CSS @scroll-timeline. Really enjoyed giving a talk again after all this time, especially with this great vibe they have going on and the afterparty in (skribbl FTW!).


# Slides

You can find the slides embedded below:


# Source Materials & Demos

Source materials for the slides are my two posts on Scroll-Linked Animations:

  1. Part 1: Intro + Basic Scroll-Linked Animations
  2. Part 2: Scroll-Linked Animations with Element-Based Offsets

All shown demos and visualizations can be found on CodePen, and are gathered in these collections:

  1. Scroll-Linked Animation Demos: Visualizations
  2. Scroll-Linked Animation Demos: Part 1
  3. Scroll-Linked Animation Demos: Part 2


# Video

I managed to clip my talk from the livestream, and have embedded it below:


# In-Closing

Thanks to the organisers for having me, and thanks to the attendees for watching me speak. I hope you all had fun attending this talk. I know I had making it (and whilst bringing it forward) 🙂

💁‍♂️ If you are a conference or meetup organiser, don’t hesitate to contact me to come speak at your event.


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