Digging into Mini Apps

Over at web.dev Thomas Steiner has published a series of posts on Mini Apps.

Mini apps are small apps that require a super app to run. They are built with (“dialects” of) the web technologies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The runtime of a mini app is a WebView in the super app, not the underlying operating system, which makes mini apps cross platform.

The series consists of 4 main sections:

  1. Welcome to the world of Mini Apps
  2. The developer experience of Mini Apps
  3. The wider Mini Apps ecosystem
  4. Learning from Mini Apps

Web.Dev — Mini Apps →

Learning from W3C MiniApps

Recently the W3C announced MiniApps:

MiniApp as a new form of mobile application, leveraging both Web technologies (especially CSS and JavaScript) as well as capabilities of native application.

I was a bit confused about them at first, and thought they were directly competing with PWAs. Thankfully Thomas Steiner chimed in, referring to a whole presentation on MiniApps he made.

Enlightening stuff. A video recording + transcript are also available.

Learning from MiniApps: Slides →
Learning from MiniApps: Video + Transcript →