Barcamp Ghent

On November 29 I’ll be one of the 100 attendees at Barcamp Ghent 2. As one might expect, I’ll be doing a javascript related presentation, however I’m not quite sure what you guys want to hear me talking about.

Hereby a small list of topics I could talk about (titles are knocked up quickly, will most likely change):

  • TinyMCE hacks ‘n tweaks
  • Your first TinyMCE plugin
  • jQuery UI Widgets: Who, what, where and – most importantly – how (to write your own)?
  • From Prototype to jQuery (aka backdropping jQuery functionality into Prototype)
    (yes, in addition to this article, but then a bit more in depth and extensive)

Barcamp Ghent 1 (#)

I myself prefer one of the last two; Which one(s) do you prefer? Or do you want me to talk about something else (“Planning your holiday, web 2.0 style” for example could be a subject to talk about)?

Ooh, it must be noted that the slides (not the talk) will be in English, as I’ll be posting them here too … so even if you’re not going or don’t understand Dutch, feel free to cast your vote 😉


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