Digital Family Reunions

In Singapore, it is a common practice for entire families to gather on special occasions for a formal picture, often at a studio, with the resulting image framed and prominently displayed at home. The growing tendency of younger family members to take jobs abroad, however, has left many modern portraits missing a relation or two. So the Singaporean photographer John Clang devised a solution, piggybacking on the video-calling technology that already helps ease the dislocation of separated family members

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IKEA Cardboard Camera

The disposable cardboard camera that we once used to know, is back. Smaller form. USB-Pluggable. Still cardboard.

From the same IKEA that also builds sewing machines and TVs

Clever move by IKEA, as they’ll most likely sell a truckload of these (imagine taking these to a festival, or giving one to your kids).

IKEA Cardboard Camera Called KNÄPPA, to Land on Store Shelves Soon →

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