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Vision-free MIT Cheetah

Cheetah can now run blind amongst a few other new tricks: Also notice how small this thing has become when compared to three years ago 😱

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Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?

Latest new trick from one of Boston Dynamics’ robots: HODOR.

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What’s new, Atlas?

It’s great – and also terrifying at the same time – to see how the Atlas evolves every year (see 2016, 2013, 2011)

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AUTOMATICA – Robots vs. Music

Nigel Stanford has created an installation sporting industrial robot arms to play a song named “Automatica” A behind the scenes is also available: Also worth checking out is his “CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music”

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Shentong’s Package Sorting Army of Robots

Orange robots at the company’s sorting stations are able to identify the destination of a package through a code-scan, virtually eliminating sorting mistakes. Shentong’s army of robots can sort up to 200,000 packages a day, and are self-charging, meaning they … Continue reading

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Boston Dynamics’ Handle

Again great stuff by the Boston Dynamics team. It looks like their Atlas robot with wheels underneath it. (fragment starts at 3:45) It’s satisfying to see how smooth this thing goes and jumps, all whilst remaining in perfect balance. It’s … Continue reading

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Spring-making Machine/Robot

Mesmerizing: (watch it fullscreen)

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Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini

SpotMini is a new smaller version of the Spot robot, weighing 55 lbs dripping wet (65 lbs if you include its arm.) SpotMini is all-electric (no hydraulics) and runs for about 90 minutes on a charge, depending on what it … Continue reading

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Piano Tiles 2 Robot

How to set the Piano Tiles 2 record? Build a robot: Overhead iPhone 6+ processes video of the iPad screen at 120 fps. iPhone tracks tile speed and sends timing info via MIDI over USB through the camera connection kit. … Continue reading

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Atlas, The Next Generation

Boston Dynamics is at it again with new version of Atlas. It’s great to see how much it has evolved when compared to the original Atlas, announced back in 2013 (which itself was an updated version of Petman, announced back … Continue reading

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