is an open source tool that helps you analyze and optimize your website speed and performance based on performance best practices. It will collect data from multiple pages on your website (crawling from a startpoint), analyze the pages using performance best practices rules, and output the result as a couple of HTML-files.

Run ./ -u -d 1 and out comes a nice report:

Do You Sitespeed? → example report → →


∞ is a UITableView for the web: it speeds up scrolling through long lists and keeps your infinite feeds smooth and stable for your users. It is small, battle-tested, and highly performant.

Just compare the demos without ∞.js and with ∞.js, and be amazed


Want to use Infinity in production? I’d recommend using my fork as the original Infinity repo has been abandoned so it seems. My fork contains some improvements over the original Infinity:

  • Allows prerendered content/elements to be contained in the list
  • Triggers beginReached and endReached events when scrolling a list
  • Supports horizontal scrolling
  • Works on elements that overflow (not just <body>)
  • Supports filtering


∞.js →

Improving performance on

To improve the experience for everyone, we’ve been working to take back control of our front-end performance by moving the rendering to the server.

On top of that, we asynchronously bootstrap a new modular JavaScript application to provide the fully-featured interactive experience our users expect.

Improving performance on →