jsconsole.com – JavaScript Command Line Tool and Remote Debugger

jsconsole.com is a simple JavaScript command line tool. However, it also provides the ability to bridge across to other browser windows to remotely control and debug that window – be it in another browser or another device altogether. Remote debugging is really simple: Invoke a :listen command at jsconsole.com to get a listener id returned […]

Adobe Shadow

Adobe® Shadow is a new inspection and preview tool that allows front-end web developers and designers to work faster and more efficiently by streamlining the preview process, making it easier to customize websites for mobile devices. Pair your devices via the browser plugin and see all devices change sites whenever you change it on your […]

Using the Browser Developer Tools to their full potential

Are you using the developer tools to their full potential? The biggest positive about the developer tools is that they are incredibly easy to use, but as a result developers often miss out on a large proportion of the functionality provided. Inspired by a video talk by Paul Irish and Pavel Feldman, I’ve compiled a […]