Barely Legal Pawn

Funny short, featuring Walt & Jesse from Breaking Bad, to promote the upcoming Emmy awards.

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The Denny

The Denny has integrated brake lights and turn signals, a no maintenance belt drive instead of a chain, and a removable handle bar that doubles as a bike lock. Sensors tied to a microprocessor can detect if the cyclist is struggling up a hill and automatically downshift or upshift to make an easier ride. The technology is also tied to an eAssist battery-powered motor in the front hub that kicks in when the bike is going uphill.


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jQuery plugin which anticipates on which element the user is going to hover/click

Cool idea! Experimental/buggy though.

A UX Idea: I know where you are aiming! →
jQuery.aim source (GitHub) →
jQuery.aim examples →

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Google Chrome DevTools Device Mode


Click the icon marked with the pink-ish circle to open Device Mode. Click the icon marked with the red circle to activate the Media Query Inspector. One can quickly choose a device and also throttle the network using the blue and orange dropdowns at the top.

You might have to Devtools Expirements in Canary via chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-experiments to see all this.

Google Chrome: Device Mode & Mobile Emulation →

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How to do Hyperlapse Photography

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A Spacecraft for All


The ISEE-3 was launched to study the Sun in 1978, but ended up redefining space flight. Now it’s on a new mission to become citizen science’s first spacecraft, with data accessible by everyone.

Very cool mission, with a very neat website. A must watch.

A Spacecraft for All: The Journey of the ISEE-3 →

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We present a method for converting first-person videos, for example, captured with a helmet camera during activities such as rock climbing or bicycling, into hyperlapse videos: time-lapse videos with a smoothly moving camera.

Microsoft Research: First Person Hyperlapse Videos →

(via @pjaspers)

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Waves – Click effect inspired by Google’s Material Design


When clicking an item, Waves injects a <div> on top of the clicked item, yet at scale(0). Using a transition, the growing effect is achieved after – via JavaScript – setting a new scale value.

Waves →

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Critical CSS opens a page in a browser from the command line, sets the window width to a specified width and height (default is 1200 x 900), and analyzes which styles are applied to elements that fall within the visible portion of that viewport. It then writes those styles to a file that you can include inline in any page.

CriticalCSS →
Critical CSS Grunt Task →

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Breach – A browser for the HTML5 era


Entirely written in Javascript. Free. Modular. Hackable.

From a technological point of view I find this very impressive. Interesting first use experience, explaining how it works. Uses Chromium as its rendering engine. Tagline should be A browser from the HTML5 era though, I think.

Breach →

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