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DolphinAttack: Hacking Voice Assistants with Inaudible Voice Commands

About a year ago it came to my attention that voice assistants such as Siri can lead to easily exploitable security issues. As voice assistants are not aware who is talking to them, it doesn’t matter if it’s you or … Continue reading

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Your iPhone’s lockscreen is unsafe

Before you know it, anyone with physical access to your ‘locked’ device could be accessing your personal photographs and contacts. Even with the latest iOS 9.0.1 update, your iPhone’s lockscreen is unsafe → On a sidenote: The audio stack of … Continue reading

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Siri vs. Scotland

Many in Scotland find that their voice-activated virtual assistant can’t understand them … The iPhone’s Siri doesn’t seem so smart in Scotland →

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Siri, start my car

That, of course, was inevitable: Here’s proof with my car of using my “Viper Control” plugin with plamoni’s “Siri Proxy” to start and stop my Viper SmartStart enabled vehicle. The command is sent from Siri to a Viper server, then … Continue reading

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Siri Proxy + Plex

Work in progress: Extensive instructions on how to install Siri (+ some work in progress into steering iTunes from Siri) can be found at Jailbreakmatrix.

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Siri Proxy: Using Siri to control your thermostat

Siri Proxy is a proxy server for Apple’s Siri “assistant.” The idea is to allow for the creation of custom handlers for different actions. This can allow developers to easily add functionality to Siri. Here’s a demonstration that I wrote: … Continue reading

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Why we won’t see Siri appearing on Apple TV any time soon

From the TV show 30 Rock: What if you didn’t need a remote control, because the remote control is your own voice? Along with a good laugh this also raises an upcoming solution voice control technology creators will have to … Continue reading

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Siri, in a year

Doghousediaries →

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Siri Says

Siri Says gets that Siri biz-nass all up in your Ruby. [ruby]require "rubygems" require "siri_says" siri_says /deploy/ do |message| puts "> Deploying…" end SiriSays::Engine.run(google_username, google_password)[/ruby] Tell Siri: “Schedule a deploy right now.” (seconds later) [ruby]> Deploying…[/ruby] ZOMG! Siri Says →

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Remember The Milk, now with Siri Support

You can now use Siri on iPhone 4S to add tasks to Remember The Milk. Just ask Siri to remind you (e.g., “Remind me to pick up the milk”), and that task will be magically added to Remember The Milk. … Continue reading

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