React Conf 2021

Last week React Conf 2021 took place, focussing on the upcoming React 18 release. I especially liked these talks, all before the 2:00:00 mark:

  • 15:00 β€” React 18 Keynote
  • 48:55 β€” React 18 for app developers (useDeferredValue πŸ”₯)
  • 1:08:03 β€” Streaming Server Rendering with Suspense
  • 1:26:40 β€” React Developer Tooling
  • 1:54:12 β€” React without memo (πŸ”₯πŸ”₯)

That sneak peek at β€œReact Forget” during the β€œReact without memo” talk felt like a huge relief. I hope this makes it through because this is a real problem React Hooks have introduced.

After the 2h mark, only the talks at around 3h15 (covering Relay) and on 5h00 (covering Hydrogen) stand out to me.

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