@dailyhomealone, an Instagram bot posting one frame from Home Alone per day

Tim Broddin has created @dailyhomealone, an Instagram bot which does a daily post containing one frame – taken at a 5 seconds interval – from Home Alone.

Along with that he has done a writeup on how he created the bot. This paragraph resonated quite well with me:

A lot has happened to the openness of the Internet [since the last time I wrote a bot] and it’s quite difficult to create a bot nowadays. Twitter has limited it’s API capabilities (no more realtime), and in order to post you need their permission. Instagram has ditched its API and replaced it with something horrible for marketeers and other scumbags. And since Facebook leaked all of your data, they’ve closed their doors and now require you to sign contracts in order to do anything fun.

Eventually he made use of some private Instagram APIs to do the daily posts. Using Amazon Rekognition he also auto-tags each post.

@dailyhomealone on Instagram →
Creating a Home Alone Instagram bot →
dailyhomelone Source Code (GitHub) →

I found this Home Alone themede ad for Google Assistant very amusing:

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