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Twitter allows you to download your tweet archive, but that archive doesn’t contain your images. Ergo, it is not really an archive. This script downloads all the images from your tweets locally and rewrites the archive files so that they … Continue reading

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Laravel Backup

If you’re a developer using Laravel I’d strongly recommend “Laravel Backup”, a package developed by the folks over at Spatie. Version 3 just got released: Laraval Backup can backup the files and databases of your application to one or more … Continue reading

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Schrödinger’s Backup

The condition of any backup is unknown until a restore is attempted.

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Backup local MySQL Databases

Nice script by Xavez. Put it in a daily cronjob if you like, or extend it to copy the backup to another machine: #!/bin/bash # Path to where you want to backup mysql databases. opath=/Users/username/Sites/Backups/mysql/ # Local mysql details. Make … Continue reading

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DeliciousBackup, running a local, browsable backup of your Delicous bookmarks.

Now that there are rumors of Yahoo shutting down Delicious I found it necessary to keep my bookmarks safe and have a local, browsable copy of them.

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Drobo, my experience so far.

This post is outdated. Not everything is accurate anymore. More than three years later I still have my Drobo running and have performed disk swaps without any problems. Drobo has grown up by now. One remaining issue though is the … Continue reading

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RE: FlickrDown lets you archive all your Flickr photos

Someone got FlickrDown onto Digg. Too bad he didn’t do his research that good, as FlickrDown is considered rubbish when compared to Downloadr 😉

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