Yahoo! Axis

Yahoo! Axis redefines what it means to search and browse the Web.

Comes as a browser plugin (tested in Chrome) which adds a search bar layed over the bottom of your browser window.

As Chrome already offers searching via the address bar (FYI: In Chrome Canary it already searches as you type), the true benefit will only be gained if you use the companion iOS apps.

UPDATE: Better not to install the extension (or any extension by Yahoo! for that matter) as the extension was shipped along with the private key to sign it. Best someone just got fired at Yahoo! today. — via a comment by Duckbuster

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How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet

As a result of being resource-starved, Flickr quit planting the anchors it needed to climb ever higher. It missed the boat on local, on real time, on mobile, and even ultimately on social—the field it pioneered. And so, it never became the Flickr of video; YouTube snagged that ring. It never became the Flickr of people, which was of course Facebook. It remained the Flickr of photos. At least, until Instagram came along.


The reason we bought Flickr was not the community. We didn’t give a shit about that. The theory behind buying Flickr was not to increase social connections, it was to monetize the image index. It was totally not about social communities or social networking. It was certainly nothing to do with the users.

A long, but interesting read.

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