How to find the original Flickr Photo URL and User from a Static Flickr Image URL/Permalink (My priceless Flickr Tip)

flickr.jpgGot a link like // and want to find out which user posted it, more images by that user, see the full-size version, etc? Seek no longer, the answer is very simple!

The image we found

From the URL you’ve got take extract the image name (2177060015_258bcfaff9_m.jpg) and split it on the underscore. The first part is the photoID, the second part is the hash/salt and (if there) the third part the size (Full format: photoId_hash_size.jpg).

Now append that photoId to and *MAGIC* there you have it, the Original Flickr Photo URL (and the user) 🙂 The example above would be transformed to



UPDATE 2008.01.18 – In related matter these might be of interest too: Flickr Hack – All sizes for all pics & My most interesting (best viewed) Flickr pics (replace that ID with your own Flickr ID to watch yours 😉)

UPDATE 2010.11.07 – visitor Robin Senior created a handy bookmarklet which does the job automagically. Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar and click it whenever you have a static Flickr image URL open: Flickr Photo Page

UPDATE 2012.20.26 – Flickr itself has a detailed page explaining the Flickr full photo url format.

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37 Responses to How to find the original Flickr Photo URL and User from a Static Flickr Image URL/Permalink (My priceless Flickr Tip)

  1. Wolf says:

    Nifty… did you figure this out yourself or looked under the hood?

  2. Bramus! says:

    @Wolf: The Flickr FAQ & some good old “gezond boerenverstand” made something rumble … a look at the sourcode of a Flickr Photo Page verified it all 😉

  3. hans says:

    coolio 🙂

  4. Here is an idea for you:

    You can’t link to your overall comments list, that works only for yourself (by using this url:, but you can link to your overall comment list by using its feed:

    Now is there a way to display that as html?

  5. Michelle says:

    Wow. This is useful!

  6. Scott says:

    Google and are rock-solid. I just searched for “see user behind static flickr” and bam… to the rescue once again.

    Cheers, you genius you. 😉

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  8. florian says:

    my keyword: “reverse flickr”

  9. LouCypher says:

    If you’re using Firefox, you can use this extension to get to Flickr photo page from context menu.

  10. Jason Ting says:

    Yet another Firefox plugin–adds “View Original Flickr Image” and “Download Original Flickr Image” options to the right-click context menu for any Flickr photo.

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  12. Puttabong says:

    Thank you, Bram 🙂

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  15. michael says:

    Thanks for the tip! I took this idea and make a really simple web add that users can bookmark:

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  17. Jayne says:

    THANKS! this is super helpful! I do a lot of reference image research at work and it’s great to be able to relocate the originals!

  18. Jay says:

    Hi there,
    Very useful, BUT: I just tried this with a photo and got the page “Ooops, you’re not allowed to see this” after log-in. How can I still find out the user who uploaded this pic?



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  21. Lee says:

    Anyone know whats the most recent hack available for downloading original sized flickr photos? Seeing as the ones above are two years old and no longer work 🙁

  22. Nicolas says:

    Thanks for this post! I found it while writing my first django app and decided to write a small ajax tool to convert the image link to the page as an exercise:

  23. Nahid Valli says:


    Hope you all are fine.

    I need help with getting the following code for my image in flickr. i want to use it in my html code.

    here is the format.


    i want this code for the following image:

    please teach me how to get the:


  24. Bramus! says:

    @Nahid: As far as I know there’s no automatic way to do this. You can do it manually: at the flickr page, click on Actions > View All Sizes. Then right click the photo and copy its URL:

  25. Valerio says:

    Thanks, i really needed this one!!! I had an image but didn´t know where i got it..i had a txt file with the flickr static link!Greets from Italy

  26. Nicola Giosmin says:

    God (or any divinity at your choice) bless you eternally!

  27. Owen Wattley says:

    I know this is kinda spam… but I just made an app some people might find useful. It let’s you download your entire photostream, in original size, as a batch process. Please check it out here:

    As it’s new, I’m happy to give out a few free license keys if anyone wants to test it out for me, please drop me an email: AT gmail DOT com

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  29. mimi says:

    bram . thank u so much for this info .. umm just wanderin . is there any tricks to view private flickr page ? .. thank u so much!

  30. Marko Pavlovic says:

    You are all silly guys, you can just go over in source code of picture and take
    the image url. In case you whant to do it whit a script, you can use curl / xpath
    methods to do it.

    So… don’t spam google whit noob comments pls, ty

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  33. AlexW says:

    the bookmarklet is not compatible with “” URL
    I modify the code and put the new bookmarklet here:
    (Chinese site)

  34. Bingo! This is exactly what I needed to find the photographer of a photo I had bookmarked. Thank you!!!!!

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