Developer Tools in Firefox Aurora 10

Aurora 10 (the next version of Firefox) now sports built-in developer tools. Using built-in tools, you can now peek into your page’s structure and layout. Choose “Inspect” from the “Web Developer” menu and you can visually select the page element that is of interest to you. Be sure to note Robert Nyman‘s comment in the …

CSS 3D transformations in Firefox Nightly

Two years after CSS 3D got introduced in Webkit Nightlies: When the first 3D transformations in CSS got support on Webkit browsers people got incredibly excited about them. Now that they have matured we also support 3D CSS in Firefox. Only in Firefox Nightlies for now (Firefox 10). CSS 3D transformations in Firefox Nightly →

Positioning Firefox’ Tab Close Buttons on the left

“I can’t stand how the close button for tabs is on the right. On the Mac, close goes on the left.”— John Gruber (#) Last night I whipped up a tad of CSS to position the tab close buttons in Firefox 4 (currently in Beta) on the left hand side of the tab. The CSS …

My Foxification (Pimp Your Firefox to be a web all-star)

With all the fuss about Firebug since its 1.0 beta release some might forget that there are other extensions to pimp your Firefox to be a web all-star … (and above that people seem to be forgetting that this extension has been around for quite a while now)