Building an image processor on AWS Lambda using The Serverless Framework

Good writeup on setting up an image processor using The Serverless Framework, a thing comparable to the aforementioned apex (and with an awfully generic and confusing name imho 😉). When a user uploads a file an ObjectCreated event is produced and a Lambda function is invoked. The Lambda function calls Amazon Rekognition to detect the […]

Apex – Serverless Infrastructure

Apex lets you build, deploy, and manage AWS Lambda functions with ease. A variety of workflow related tooling is provided for testing functions, rolling back deploys, viewing metrics, tailing logs, hooking into the build system and more. Define a project.json as so … { “name”: “bar”, “description”: “Node.js example function”, “runtime”: “nodejs”, “memory”: 128, “timeout”: […]

AWS Resource APIs for PHP

<?php require 'vendor/autoload.php'; use Aws\Resource\Aws; $aws = new Aws([ 'region' => 'us-west-2', 'version' => 'latest', 'profile' => 'your-credential-profile', ]); $bucket = $aws->s3->bucket('your-bucket'); $object = $bucket->putObject([ 'Key' => 'images/image001.jpg', 'Body' => fopen('/path/to/image.jpg', 'r'), ]); The core AWS SDK for PHP is composed of service client objects that have methods corresponding 1-to-1 with operations in the service’s […]

Man DDOSes his S3 bucket by adding its images in a Google Spreadsheet

I login to my AWS account to see what is going on, and I see this: $1177.76 in usage charges! A thousand, one hundred, seventy seven dollars. Out of which $1065 in outgoing bandwidth transfer costs. The scary part: 8.8 Terabytes of outgoing traffic! Tera. Not Giga. Terabytes. To make things worse, I realized that […]