A checklist for all projects that are going live

The folks over at Spatie have open sourced the checklist they run each site/project through before hitting the “Go Live” switch. This kind of stuff should be open sourced more often. The list is a good starting point to creating your own list, but of course your mileage may vary depending on the type of […]

Transform HTML Content to Apple News / Google AMP / Facebook Instant Articles with Distro

Automatically transform article HTML for third-party platforms such as Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, Google AMP “Just” make a curl request … curl –data " <h1>Distro.Mic example</h1> <p>Text and media embed</p> <iframe src=\"https://www.youtube.com/embed/M7lc1UVf-VE\"></iframe> " https://distro.mic.com/1.0/format?output=apple-news … and the content is “translated” to the specified format: { "article": [{ "text": "Distro.Mic example", "additions": [], "inlineTextStyles": [], […]

Automatic Website Publishing with git-ftp.py on Mac OS X

On a recent project I collaborated on, deployment happened via git-ftp.py, a Python script which automatically publishes your git repository to an FTP server. The script itself works with with an git-rev.txt file on the FTP server which keeps track of the last published commit. When deploying via git-ftp.py, the script only uploads the changes […]

Automatic website publishing with Git, GitHub-Style

One of the things I like about GitHub is the fact that it sports a gh-pages branch. Anything you push to it, is automatically published on your GitHub subdomain http://username.github.com/projectname/. Inspired by this GitHub publishing flow, I’ve set up a likewise method on our web servers at work: a branch which gets published automatically onto […]

Using Dropbox as an automatic and free Web Publishing solution

In addition to having moved my mail to Google Apps for your Domain I decided to take it to the next level about a month ago by using Dropbox for storing both personal as professional (viz. 3RDS-related) data in the cloud. This decision made me more mobile than ever, as I can access any file, […]