Instagram Unshredder Challenge: Javascript Solutions

Recently the engineers at Instagram challenged the interwebs to write some code that unshreds a chopped up image. Some of us took the liberty of solving the problem in Javascript, although it wasn’t one of the languages suggested.

Be sure to check and compare all. Personally I like Joe Lambert’s solution most.

Opening Titles for Web Directions South 2011

This is rather crazy, especially if you know how it’s done:

The opening titles for WDS11 were designed to test the graphical capabilities of modern web browsers. Using HTML, CSS3, WebGL and Canvas, I created a 2-screen production that required 2 laptops that were carefully synced to 2 projectors.

Yes, that’s right: 2 separate browsers, synced. If you’re Feeling Lucky (TM), you can also try it out in your own browser.

Very nice job, Cameron!

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